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Business intelligence to power your service

We have developed a powerful advanced management reporting solution in response to the commercialisation of pathology services and the increasing demand for improved business intelligence and knowledge management in healthcare.

Implementing our advanced Management Reporting solution will enable you to produce accurate and timely information and analysis underpinning the future design and development of your pathology service.



Reduction in time

Save almost two thirds of the time you spend producing management reports.


Penalty reductions

Immediate decrease in penalties through better management and monitoring of service level agreements and turnaround times.



With all national guidelines, standards and legislation.

The system has become an invaluable tool to Pathology Services in service development, troubleshooting and investigating incidents.

Lisa Dawson, Pathology Information Manager, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Real-time information

Our business intelligence dashboards provide a real-time graphical view of key business metrics showing:

  • Performance against service level agreements
  • Turnaround times
  • Clear status of all the required key performance indicators
  • Financial reports such as test costs and costs by clinician and source
  • Capacity and resource planning reports identifying workflow bottlenecks

Thanks to proactive monitoring and alerting of potential issues, effort and resource overheads are greatly reduced. Furthermore, this benchmarking data, in line with Lord Carter’s second stage review of pathology services, gives you corporate assurance regarding the efficiency and quality of your pathology services and helps you to demonstrate value for money to commissioners.

Feature-rich reporting

Our advanced management reporting solution uses best of breed business intelligence and data mining tools to provide easy access and reporting on key performance indicators and user definable specialist queries and searches.

Our solution adopts an industry standard and proven Business Objects™ front end and is built around an efficient and optimised Oracle™ Data Warehouse. This ensures that your healthcare data is secure and readily available.

WinPath Enterprise analytics offers a variety of pre-defined operational and management reports, covering statistical and management requirements. In addition, “ad hoc” reporting facilities are available to provide essential flexibility. Some of the available reports include:

  • All statutory reports
  • Trend analysis
  • Epidemiology reports
  • Turnaround statistics breakdown
  • Infection control analysis
  • Redcell Utilisation
  • AKI Alerts
  • NHSBT Blood Stock Management extracts
  • Source and Test Cost Analysis
  • KC61 Statistics
  • Daily Total Requests
  • SLA Test Statistics

Data mining is designed to be as simple as possible. Combine information using simple ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ selections with ‘drill down’ and ‘slice and dice’ capability to access and interpret all related data.

Customisable reporting

A comprehensive library of pre-defined dashboards and widgets based upon user roles delivers a focused view of actionable information for everyone. Other features include:

  • Multi-layered displays:  Information from all pathology disciplines can be presented in tabular, graphical, cross tab or combination. 
  • Multiple outputs:  Choose from a variety of output for their reports; HTML, PDF, CSV and email formats. 
  • Benchmarking:  All necessary requirements to produce financial, activity based (e.g. Payment by Results), clinical and benchmarking performance reports are available. 
  • Report production automation: All reports can be saved for later retrieval as personal templates or for wider consumption as public documents. These reports can be scheduled to be produced automatically at a specific time of day, hourly, daily, weekly, etc. 
  • Real-time data visualisation:  Graphical dashboards with user definable turnaround time thresholds, enable you to monitor real time pathology information with information presented in ways that are easy to interpret. 
  • Performance Management:  Increased productivity through workflow monitoring, remote and mobile access to key information. Early identification of process bottlenecks and reduction in turnaround times (LEAN). 
  • Real time alerts: Reduced turnaround times through real time visibility of information leading to cost savings through reduction in effort and reduced workload in gathering information. 

Monitor performance

WinPath Enterprise enables you to monitor and measure against local service level agreements as well as produce a wealth of turnaround time statistics. This extended turnaround time data provides invaluable intelligence on time/cost efficiencies and is a requirement of ISO 15189 UKAS requirements for quality and competence. Areas where ISO 15189 is supported include: 

  • Section 4.12: Continual Improvement states that “The laboratory shall continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, including the pre-examination, examination and post-examination processes, through the use of management reviews to compare the laboratory’s actual performance in its evaluation activities”. 
  • Section 4.14.7: Quality Indicators clearly state that “The laboratory shall periodically evaluate whether or not it is meeting the established turnaround times”.  

“The production of our finance reports which incorporate twelve separate reports used to take us at least half a day a month. Now, with PathManager and the inbuilt scheduler, this suite of reports is produced automatically without any effort, saving me six man days per annum.”

Andrew Sanderson, Pathology IT Manager, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust