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VUE Diagnostic Console Integrated reporting & streamlined diagnoses

Software designed with the Pathologist in mind

NHS Trusts, Cellular Pathology departments and Pathologists are under increasing pressures to support for NHS Improvement pathology networks and a remote pathologist workforce as well as streamline reporting and diagnoses. This, coupled with a national shortage of Histopathologists, demands that new innovative solutions and workflow approaches are found.

A key requirement is for a complete solution for integrated reporting that captures diagnostic data from LIMS, molecular, genomic, digital pathology and EPR, with the ability to view all related results, images, and other reports for a patient from multiple sources all in one place.

Pathologists are also looking for solutions that:

  • simplify the ordering mechanism for additional blocks and slides
  • reduce time spent authoring reports and switching between systems
  • are fully integrated with Digital Pathology solutions
  • breaking down geographical & organisational boundaries
  • support DCB1521 Compliance for Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD)

With this in mind, we have developed VUE – A highly integrated diagnostic console and reporting platform for pathologists, aimed at streamlining diagnoses and saving minutes per case.

A number of hospitals in the UK are in the process of implementing VUE, which is already being used by numerous healthcare organisations in the US including the  Henry Ford Health System.

Personalised user interface that aggregates relevant diagnostic data from multiple sources in a highly integrated diagnostic console & reporting platform


Improving turnaround times

VUE delivers a modern, flexible visualisation and reporting solution that integrates multiple views of diagnostic information, which helps pathologists efficiently and cohesively determine diagnoses – improving turnaround times for every case!

Clinicians gain a single, holistic view of patient data from multiple sources to streamline diagnoses and integrate reporting. The ability to view diagnostic data from clinical, molecular, genomic and digital pathology in one cohesive layout, speeds up case reviews. This is further augmented with the ability to review data, author diagnosis and preview reports simultaneously via a unique widescreen design or two-monitor mode. When you factor in the access of integrated data across concurrent/historical cases, the pathologist is afforded an invaluable patient-centric view.

Turnaround times can be significantly reduced:

  • Streamline routing case activities
  • Reduce time spent authoring reports and switching between systems
  • Identify case and order status quickly to accelerate completion of cases awaiting add-on tests
  • Use of comprehensive voice command and dictation integration
  • Simplify ordering of additional tests, panels and blocks and slides with drag-and-drop functionality

Optimising capacity

VUE provides a holistic view of each patient and presents all relevant diagnostic information from multiple data sources to simplify data correlation, analysis and interpretation. This allows the Pathologist to manage their workload and priorities far more efficiently. A worklist column chooser, various filters, sort, saved lists and customisable layouts to meet individual needs, all combine to optimise capacity.

Minimise risk of misdiagnosis

The risk of misdiagnosis, however rare, can be further reduced with the ability to view multi-disciplinary information from multiple systems in one application, all linked by same patient identifier. This will reduce case data re-entry across systems and reduce manual look ups leading to a reduction in case addendums for missed concurrent test results.

Key Features

  • Increasing pathologists’ efficiency
  • Streamlining diagnoses and saving time and effort per case – Potential to save 2-3 minutes per case
  • Dynamic worklists to see current caseload
  • Tailored to suit local pathology services network configuration – report across network
  • Customisable workflow and analysis layout settings for each pathologist
  • Comprehensive Patient View
  • One-stop process for adding additional tests, bocks and slides
  • Integration with Dragon voice recognition enabling configurable command and control
  • Primary and secondary reporting user allocation
  • Case status concept including ready for analysis
  • Holistic view of all case data whilst creating report including images/PDFs
  • Fully integrated with mTuitive xPert – supporting DCB1521 compliance for Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD)

Harnessing the Benefits

The VUE Diagnostic Console affords a wide range of benefits:

Contact us to find out more about VUE, speak to one of our product specialists or arrange a demo.