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Standard Auto-RegIntegration with preanalytical modules

Alleviating the bottleneck of specimen registration

The high-throughput disciplines have long struggled to register specimens quickly and efficiently in order to process them on the analytical platforms in as short a time as possible. With the advent of third party track systems, known to support auto-registration and alleviate the bottleneck of specimen reception, we have developed a standard integration approach to link all with the WinPath Enterprise LIMS.

With comprehensive integration with the WinPath Enterprise LIMS, Standard Auto-Reg provides quick, easy, cost-effective integration with best of breed solutions via standardised integration. Workflow efficiencies are maximised and our customers are able to gain an invaluable return on investment in automation by freeing up skilled Biomedical Scientists.

By providing a streamlined end to end process and thus enabling resource optimisation through LIMS integration, customers will have the ability to rapidly respond to increases in sample volumes.

Streamlining and simplifying specimen reception is another vital area where networked pathology services can be supported and expansion in service scale can be delivered.

Optimising capacity

Using modern connectivity standards for integration ensures that interfaces are developed and deployed at speed and are repeatable. This single approach to connectivity makes support of these interfaces far more straightforward.

A standard process for the automatic registration of samples within WinPath Enterprise has been design for maximum efficiencies. The first step being that the OCS system must previously have sent the pending order to WinPath Enterprise before specimen is collected. Following receipt of a ‘sample-seen’ (SSU) message from a pre-analytics tracking system, a pending order in WinPath Enterprise will be automatically converted to a live request.

On presentation at a pre-analytics module e.g. sample hopper, the SSU message is sent upon barcode scan of the order number on a pre-labelled specimen.

Track systems known to support auto-registration and will be integrated via Standard Auto-Reg include Abbott AMS, Beckman Coulter Remisol, Siemens Centralink, Roche CITM / Cobas Infinity.

Key Features

The first third-party tracking system to be integrated with WinPath Enterprise via the Standard Auto-Reg module is the Maksense Indexor. However, all best of breed solutions will be interfaced using this technology and will deliver the following features.

  • Standard HL7 integration approach to all third-party solutions
  • Support for end to end process through LIMS integration
  • Support for high throughput and high sample volumes in Specimen Reception
  • Ability to fully leverage investment in automation; free up skilled BMSs
  • Facilitates rapid and cost-effective implementations
  • Automates order entry to reduce TATs and optimise resources
  • Communication error handling functionality

Harnessing the Benefits

The WinPath Enterprise Standard Auto-Reg integration affords a wide range of benefits: