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Proven solutions for Pathology Networks

The market leader in network compatible LIMS and OCS

WinPath Enterprise LIMS offers a true end-to-end solution for the specimen journey and is installed across far more multi-site deployments and networks than any other LIMS in the UK. We understand the opportunities and the challenges involved and draw on our experience to ensure you realise the full potential of your network, to improve services for patients.

Unparalleled experience

We have unparalleled experience of working with Trusts to develop and implement pathology networks to ensure that the investment in the network is realised and improved patient services are delivered.

We fully understand and have solutions for all the common issues facing networks, such as patient identification, sample numbering and labelling, patient confidentiality, governance and complex interoperability. Our experts will work with you to advise and recommend best practice solutions and to address common challenges such as service standardisation and sample routing. This knowledge has been gathered from over 30 network deployments.

Our scalable, end-to-end solutions routinely enable network service consolidation in support of NHSI recommendations.  Our experience in enabling and driving IT process change delivers measurable improvements in pathology network performance.

Network Statistics



Tests performed annually on our LIMS at just one of our pathology network deployments


Market share

CliniSys LIMS represented in all but 3 of the 29 NHSI identified Pathology Networks

20 Years


Proven network solutions for NHS pathology laboratories

Proven Network Capability

CliniSys is the only supplier able to provide joined up IT solutions for the whole patient journey with proven and market leading solutions that are ideally placed to maximise the value of diagnostics. These include:

  • Electronic requesting and result reporting – ICE supports acute and primary care for a wide range of diagnostic areas including laboratory services, radiology, cardiology and endoscopy. Providing support for mobile technologies though to clinical decision support and the optimisation of clinical workflows, ICE ensures the delivery of the right test, to the right place, at the right time.
  • Laboratory Information Management System – WinPath Enterprise is a highly configurable and network compatible LIMS that comprehensively supports all the individual key disciplines. Our Master build configuration allows you to implement best practice workflows, maximise efficiency and comply with all relevant statutory requirements. WinPath Enterprise enables pathology networks to work smarter and achieve more by: 
    • Streamlining pathology processes so samples can be analysed more efficiently; 
    • The ability to effortlessly transfer work between labs within the network based upon current capacity;
    • Optimising pre-analytical and post-analytical processes with auto-receipting;
    • Centrally optimised Point of Care testing solution enabling POCT coordinators to monitor and manage all devices across all locations in the network from a single location;
    • Reviewing real-time data to monitor workflow and identify and tackle bottlenecks; 
    • Complying with all statutory requirements and generating automated reports to track achievements against targets;
    • Seamlessly integrating with existing OCS, PAS and EPR systems, and securely sharing information across sites/networks;
    • Providing the only pathology specific customer relationship management solution, delivering personalised Pathology through enhanced engagement and collaboration.
  • GLIMS Genomics – Our innovative Laboratory Information Management Solution for the genomic laboratory combines the strengths of a mature LIMS for the routine diagnostic laboratory areas with the special requirements in genomics. GLIMS Genomics covers the entire genomic / genetic spectrum including the latest methods such as next-generation sequencing.
    • Pedigree drawing – Comprehensive pedigree drawing tool for family management; easily link relatives in the LIMS through a pedigree drawing; capable of showing multiple phenotypes and complex relationships.
    • Workflows – Graphical display of laboratory procedures and a sample’s progress through the laboratory; supports all common genomic technologies and new technologies can readily be incorporated.
    • Integrated reports – Generate individual reports for every test, or combine any or all results on a sample/patient into one integrated report with individual results and overall summary or MDT conclusion.
    • Multi-site functionality – Flexibility to run a single instance of the LIMS across multiple sites in a network in support of the emergence of the Genomic Laboratory Hubs and networked workflows.

Frequently asked questions

What is the typical period from contract signature to go live?

Typically, 18 months for first site in a network. Then between 3 and 9 months for each other site thereafter. 6 months is the average.

Can you explain the implementation approach?

Our delivery team provides your organisation with the highest quality implementation underpinned by the ClinSys Deployment Method. We work with you to build programme and project plans that take account of the complexity of modern IT deployments, using key milestones within the plans to assess progress and ensure we deliver on time and within budget.   For more details, visit our deployment page.

Do your solutions interoperate with other health software and systems?

Yes. We have put interoperability at the heart of all our systems to give our customers confidence that they can use best of breed solutions for different specialities that will work seamlessly with our LIMS and OCS software. For more information about the standards we work to, read more about CliniSys interoperability.

Any recommendations that you can provide to ensure a painless network formation?

We’d be happy to share our learning with you. The most important step is to build a common understanding at the outset so that everyone is clear about the objectives and all stakeholders are signed up to a shared vision. Read more about this and other tips in our article “Top tips for developing a pathology network

Supporting the sample journey – end to end

More than a year after an all sites, all disciplines, go-live, I can put my hand on my heart and say that we made the correct decision in choosing WinPath Enterprise.

David Gibbs, Pathology Services Director for NBT

Our solutions

Our order communications and LIMS products integrate seamlessly, providing a reliable, efficient end-to-end solution for the diagnostic journey.

WinPath Enterprise

WinPath Enterprise
WinPath Enterprise is the market-leading multidisciplinary Laboratory Information Management System with all the individual key discipline functionality comprehensively supported.

ICE Order Communications Software

ICE Order Communications Software
OCS: Joining primary, secondary and community care to optimise diagnostic ordering and results reporting. ICE is relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals processing millions of patients every year.


Combines the strengths of a mature Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with specialist genomic requirements to provide an efficient, interoperable workflow that directly meets your needs.


Our delivery team provides your organisation with the highest quality implementation, underpinned by the ClinSys Deployment Method.

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