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Our software is built to integrate 

LIMS and OCS software that talks many languages

The importance of being able to get different healthcare systems talking to each other cannot be overstated. That’s why all our individual products are designed to interoperate fully with our full software suite as well as with external systems. 

But not every healthcare system is built with interoperability in mind which is why we take on the complex task of making sure our software communicates with your existing systems, whether that’s Electronic Patient Record, specialty-specific, GP or a non-connected care system.  

Efficient, scalable, adaptable

We understand that a highly efficient, scalable and adaptable integration solution is essential for a modern diagnostic service and how it supports the overall patient care pathway. All communications and associated interface messages are fully audited ensuring that all vital patient results are always delivered to the correct location in a timely manner. The right result to the right location at the right time. 

Delivering interoperable solutions

Our solutions support multiple connections to: 

  • Multiple Patient Administration Systems (PAS) 
  • Hospital Information Support Systems (HISS) 
  • Hospital Departmental Systems 
  • EMRs/EPRs 
  • Order Communication Systems (OCS)
  • Results Reporting Systems (RR) 
  • Incumbent customer integration engines 
  • GP and community systems 
  • Hospital & healthcare portals 
  • ICE OpenNet allows connection between ICE systems at other NHS Trusts
  • Other third party applications using our APIs (Application Programming Interface) 

Our approach to interoperability ensures the adoption of standard protocols such as HL7 and HL7 FHIR, which makes interfacing more affordable and easier to support. 

The underlying principle is to make it easy to embed our solutions into various clinical workflows and present the diagnostic information for use by other systems and users, right across the healthcare landscape. 

We manage all third-party system interfaces centrally and ensure significantly improved resilience in communication. Our interoperable solutions result in reduced lead times for new interfaces and allow greater levels of flexibility when handling site-specific interface requirements.  

laptop in laboratory and other hand holding test tube with blood sample

Our integrated solutions are highly scalable with the ability to handle high levels of throughput. For example, a recent deployment for Severn Pathology required interfacing to three different PAS systems, three independent ICE systems, two different GP reporting systems, two TIE’s and two cancer management systems. This saw greater than 14 million integration messages processed in the first three weeks. 

Integrating virtual pathology networks

CliniSys has partnered with Lyniate and embedded their industry standard integration engine (Rhapsody) within our LIMS to solve the complex interoperability demands of a virtual pathology network. Rhapsody® is a customizable, all-inclusive interoperability solution that enables reliable data integration within complex healthcare environments. 

This enables the necessary flexibility to develop and code, and includes a suite of quick-to-use tools and scripting components. This toolbox allows us to create customised solutions and interfaces for our customers in any environment, and in less time. 

Support for all healthcare message formats and standards, including: 

  • HL7 (v2 and v3) 
  • HL7® FHIR® 
  • CCDA 
  • NCPDP 
  • X12 
  • IHE 
  • DICOM 
  • XML

A single central dashboard, where all third-party interfaces and connections are viewed and managed is provided as standard. This web-based monitoring solution provides the user with a real-time system overview, which supports simplified troubleshooting. This, combined with a comprehensive audit trail and the ability to perform detailed message searches, ensures that analysis of messages and connection performance is easily accessible.  

Statistics and trend analysis are also available for throughput investigations on each connection as well as message delivery performance calculations. All message failures are captured and grouped for correction with an option to resend for each message.  

Our solutions

Our order communications and LIMS products integrate seamlessly, providing a reliable, efficient end-to-end solution for the diagnostic journey.

ICE Order Communications Software

ICE Order Communications Software
OCS: Joining primary, secondary and community care to optimise diagnostic ordering and results reporting. ICE is relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals processing millions of patients every year.

WinPath Enterprise

WinPath Enterprise
WinPath Enterprise is the market-leading multidisciplinary Laboratory Information Management System with all the individual key discipline functionality comprehensively supported.


Combines the strengths of a mature Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with specialist genomic requirements to provide an efficient, interoperable workflow that directly meets your needs.

Pathology Networks

Pathology Networks
Our LIMS and OCS systems are fully scalable and interoperable, enabling you to work seamlessly across regional and clinical networks.

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