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Deployment that delivers – every time

Working in partnership from start to finish – and beyond

Our delivery team provides your organisation with the highest quality implementation, underpinned by the ClinSys Deployment Method. We work with you to build programme and project plans that take account of the complexity of modern IT deployments, using key milestones to assess progress and ensure we deliver on time and within budget.   

Our unique approach to solution deployment ensures that our processes are repeatable and always lead to success. 

Our deployment methodology

Our comprehensive methodology encompasses 17 distinct stages and has been built from our 30 years’ experience in delivering IT systems to Healthcare and continues to be reviewed and enhanced after every deployment. Some of the key areas that we concentrate upon include: 

  • Product Installation      
  • Design and Build
  • System Validation 
  • UAT Support Provision 
  • Final Preparations 
  • Data Migration 
  • Training
  • Cutover to Live               

Our project team consists of a Senior Project Manager, a Solution Manager who oversees and co-ordinates the technical build, and a range of product specialists who work with you and the organisations system administrators to design and build the system you require.  

“CliniSys really took the time to understand what we needed, and to make sure that we got it.”

David Brixley, Pathology IM&T Manager, Severn Pathology

Specialist expertise

Our Product Specialists are ex-biomedical scientists and experts in their discipline (Blood Transfusion, Blood Science, Microbiology/Virology, Cellular Pathology, Analyser Interfacing, Clinical Systems Integration, ICE). This ensures that they understand your requirements and all the available options. 

The Project Manager also has access to the technical services team, whose consultants install software and configure software and hardware, database analysts, and our Engineering team who develop the software.  

Our implementation team will be on site on a weekly basis, often more frequently dependent on role and project stage, to guide your staff through the implementation. Whilst a significant proportion of work is on site, an equal amount will be conducted remotely. For example, User Acceptance Testing support is not typically a full-time exercise, whereas design and build is. Our Technical Services team normally deploys and configures the database and systems remotely for efficiency purposes.  

Workshops and route maps

We use weekly structured on-site workshops to work through, create and agree high and low level design and build documentation. These documents are vital to the success of the project as they provide a route map to current working practices and the move to new enhanced workflows. As such, these can take a number of  months to complete. Once a document (e.g. High Level Design for BT) is signed off, it is then subject to formal change control via the Project/Programme Board. This enables the project to move forward in a controlled manner.  

Go live will always attract significant on-site resource as we provide your users with the necessary “all hands on deck” support to make the transition to the new system is as smooth and as straightforward as possible. 

ICE integrates with all the key clinical systems around laboratory, radiology, mental health, EPR, primary care and sexual health, with over 35% coverage in NHS Trusts for acute ordering. This gives you the freedom to rely on best of breed systems for your individual disciplines, while taking full advantage of a single, coordinated test and reporting system across your health system or Trust.

CliniSys Automated Testing Services

CliniSys Automated Testing Services is a streamlined and automated software testing solution that is proven in over 1,400 pathology testing events. Designed to reduce testing resources by at least 50%, CliniSys Automated Testing Services will free our customers from hundreds of hours of mandatory manual user acceptance testing (UAT).

CliniSys Automated Testing Services offers a thorough and higher quality of UAT not readily achievable via manual processes and with less reliance on precious staff resources. The solution performs application workflow UAT on your behalf against best practice and discipline-specific test scripts that are tailored to the department’s workflows. This approach represents a fundamental shift from manual testing and documentation creation to an automated testing regime while giving users complete control over the review and approval of testing results.

Allows automated application workflow testing for WinPath Enterprise LIMS and ICE Electronic Requesting, across all pathology domains and care settings.

Time Saving

This innovative approach allows you to maximise levels of user acceptance testing with limited resources and will deliver significant time savings.  By removing the unnecessary manual steps and confusion that is common in UAT, far fewer overall resources are required, freeing staff to focus on patient care.

Complex deployments or multi-tiered upgrade projects can be kept on time and on track when UAT is properly managed and controlled. Full visibility of progress and status of testing will expedite any IT project.

  • Highest quality – testing delivered will be rigorous and thorough and of the highest quality
  • Compliancy – Automatic generation of comprehensive documentation provides full traceability, meeting regulatory requirements
  • Flexibility – Test scripts are tailored to the department’s workflows and testing parameter requirements
  • Clarity of Result – Automatic generation of comprehensive UAT testing documentation each and every time you test


Time saving

Designed to reduce testing resources by at least 50%


Proven pathology testing events

Performs application workflow UAT on your behalf against best practice and discipline-specific test scripts that are tailored to the department’s workflows



Automatic generation of comprehensive documentation and audit provides full traceability, meeting regulatory requirements such as UKAS

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Contact our team for more information about how we successfully deploy LIMS and Order Communications Systems for single and multi-site organisations as well as across pathology and regional networks.

Our solutions

Our order communications and LIMS products integrate seamlessly, providing a reliable, efficient end-to-end solution for the diagnostic journey.

ICE Order Communications Software

ICE Order Communications Software
OCS: Joining primary, secondary and community care to optimise diagnostic ordering and results reporting. ICE is relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals processing millions of patients every year.

WinPath Enterprise

WinPath Enterprise
WinPath Enterprise is the market-leading multidisciplinary Laboratory Information Management System with all the individual key discipline functionality comprehensively supported.


Combines the strengths of a mature Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with specialist genomic requirements to provide an efficient, interoperable workflow that directly meets your needs.


All our individual products are designed to interoperate fully with our full software suite as well as with external systems.