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Clinical Decision Support for Radiology

Reducing inappropriate imaging

ICE is integrated to Medcurrent iRefer CDS, a solution that supports clinicians with real-time, evidence based-guidelines at the point of care. Helping clinicians to reduce inappropriate imaging and improve outcomes.

Our CDS partner Medcurrent, has worked with the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and has incorporated over 300 evidenced guidelines supplemented by expert medical and radiological advice, guiding GPs, referring clinicians, and other healthcare professionals to the most appropriate imaging investigation(s) or intervention for any diagnostic or imaging problem into the iRefer CDS platform.

Radiology Challenges


NHS annual spend

Radiology makes up around 1.5% of total NHS spending, amounting to approximately £225M


Unnecessary tests

An estimated 9 – 12% of Radiology tests are deemed to be unnecessary



Patients in England waiting in excess of 1 month for results

Promoting evidence-based imaging

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has published their iRefer Guidelines: “Making the best use of clinical radiology (iRefer) since 1989”. iRefer is now widely accepted as a major tool to promote evidence-based imaging.

The guidelines are aimed at clinicians, radiologists, radiographers and other healthcare professionals to help to determine the most appropriate imaging procedures for a wide range of clinical problems. They aim to promote the best use of imaging for the benefit of patients, minimise radiation dose and to assist in the equitable use of expensive equipment, staff and other resources.

Proven beneifts

Medcurrent Refer CDS has been installed in several NHS Trust who are already receiving the following benefits:

  • Enhanced clinical decision-making processes with iRefer v8 evidence based guidelines.
  • Seamless integration with CliniSys ICE clinical workflows. 
  • Delivery of evidence-based imaging requests at point of referral.
  • Single knowledge base supporting quality improvement programmes.
  • Minimising exposure of patients to unnecessary radiation.
  • Reduction of repeat and unnecessary imaging tests.
  • Reduction of radiologist vetting time.
  • Cost savings with workflow optimisation.

Northwick Park Hospital

“CDS serves as a useful reminder of the importance of clear communication and indication setting in radiology requesting. In my personal experience it often discourages low value requests where the only appropriate next step is usually more advanced imaging. In the process it reminds the requester of important clinical details that would be relevant to the radiologist vetting the request or reviewing the images”

Dr Jacob F. de Wolff FRCP GMC, Consultant acute physician and honorary senior lecturer,  Acute medicine, Northwick Park Hospital

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