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2 December 2013 Events

Pathology IT Summit

CliniSys was pleased to attend NHS England’s National Pathology IT Summit on the 25th – 26th November.

More than 100 world leading pathologists and IT specialists attended the meeting in Leeds to discuss and shape the future digital strategy for pathology services across the NHS.

The National Pathology IT Summit plays a pivotal role in bringing together clinical and IT experts in order to shape a strategy that will ensure pathology services in England, keep pace with international exemplars and deliver efficient, effective and safe services.

The conference was a part of NHS England’s National Pathology Programme, which is led by The NHS Strategic Projects Team, a programme with ambitious aims to ensure that pathology services in England are future-proofed so that they meet the needs of patients today and in coming years.

Chair of the Summit, Dr Rick Jones said: “The National Pathology Programme is at the vanguard of NHS England’s strategy for developing a pathology service that maximises its use of technology to deliver a flexible, nimble service that meets the needs of patients and commissioners.”