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Boost your Anapath workflow with DaVinci

User-friendly, comprehensive solution, designed by and for pathologists

Accurate, rapid diagnoses are vitally important for patients. Laboratory Services departments play a crucial role in these diagnoses. With DaVinci, you can optimise your pathology processes, and your employees can work more efficiently and more collaboratively. Results are available quicker and, of course, this benefits the patients.

Comprehensive solution for all workflows

Pathologists, laboratory technicians and IT professionals have worked together intensively for many years on the development of DaVinci. The result is a user-friendly, comprehensive solution that not only increases the efficiency of routine tasks but also that of the most complex workflows:

  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Tumour banks
  • Molecular pathology
  • Digital pathology

Revolutionise your workflow

DaVinci digitises all workflows and keeps your manual tasks and paper-consumption to a minimum:

  • DaVinci supports all traditional pathology processes, with user-friendly and task-oriented workflows.
  • DaVinci features the functionality you need to set up complex workflows, such as digital pathology, telepathology, second opinions and supervised validation. 
  • Pathologists have access to handy tools for standardised reporting, including well-organised templates and wizards and the possibility to insert images.
  • Interactive speech recognition, Bluetooth headsets and foot pedals make it possible to compile reports completely hands-free.
  • DaVinci provides all the functionality required to support multidisciplinary consultations.
  • Pathologists, assistants, laboratory technicians and administrative staff all have access to personalised tasks and shared worklists. That way your team can work together more efficiently, increasing the productivity of your laboratory.

Exchange data securely and efficiently

DaVinci is an open system that exchanges data transparently with other software: laboratory information systems, electronic patient files (communication of orders, including the printing of labels by the requester, and results), hospital information systems, billing systems, image archives, national databases for cancer registration etc. The interfaces between these systems are established on the basis of international standards, such as the IHE and HL7 standards.

Of course, you can also quickly and easily connect all the instruments and automatic equipment in your department to DaVinci: cassette and slide printers, stainers etc.

Why choose DaVinci?

Key features

  • Advanced track & trace: By way of a barcode system (1D and 2D) and scanners at all workstations, you can monitor in detail who performed which tasks on which sample or aliquot. You also know exactly where each sample is in the workflow – from sample collection until the results are delivered. DaVinci helps you to safeguard the pre-analytical phase, ensuring that you comply with the requirements of ISO 15189.
  • Tailored to any environment: DaVinci is an extremely flexible system. It can be configured to meet the precise needs of your department – a small or large pathology lab in a hospital or in a private environment. Even if you work with a central, multi-source architecture (one central laboratory for several client hospitals) or a multi-location architecture (several physical laboratories with one central database), DaVinci can streamline all your processes.
  • Quality control: A complete barcode-based track & trace of all objects and samples and detailed logging of all activities, including the management of non-conformities and incidents etc., support your quality control system and your compliance with ISO 15189.
  • Privacy ensured: With just one push of the button, your department can implement the right to access, the right “to be forgotten” and the right to the transferability of data. That way you are in full compliance with the applicable privacy guidelines and the GDPR. MIPS is also the proud recipient of an ISO 27001 certificate. You can rest ensured that with DaVinci your information is in safe hands and that we do everything necessary to keep it that way.

Discover the full range of features and how DaVinci can be configured to suit your needs:

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in various European countries use our solution, and their numbers continue to grow


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with ISO 27001, assuring your information is safe in DaVinci

DaVinci is a fantastic, well thought-out system that is based on the concrete needs of pathologists.

Dr. F. Dedeurwaerdere, Laboratory Services Laboratory, AZ Delta in Roeselare, Belgium

Case study:
AZ Sint Jan, Bruges

Frequently asked questions

Does DaVinci support all pathology workflows?

Yes. All workflows are supported on the same platform, including:

  • Histology
  • Cytology
  • Tumour banks
  • Molecular pathology
  • Telepathology
  • Second opinions
  • Supervised validation
Can samples automatically be assigned to worklists?

Yes, samples can be automatically assigned to worklists where pre-configured stains are automatically sent to linked staining instruments based on the type of sample and including a visual indication of their urgency.

Can DaVinci exchange data with my hospital’s IT infrastructure?

Yes. DaVinci complies with international standards, such as the IHE and HL7. Consequently, DaVinci seamlessly exchanges data with the various software packages used in your department and your institution:

  • other laboratory information systems
  • electronic patient records
  • hospital information systems
  • billing systems
  • image archives
  • national databases for cancer registration etc.

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