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16 February 2016
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Use of CyberLab in mental healthcare expands further in the Netherlands

Parnassia Group successfully launches CyberLab’s Result Consultation module

Phase 1 of the Parnassia Group’s e-Lab project has been finalised and evaluated, meaning that around 2600 of the organisation’s staff members are now using CyberLab for result consultation. The users’ reactions have been very positive, with the project evaluation mentioning that: ‘In PsyQ, CyberLab is perceived as being a gift, a present’.

But it isn’t only the enthusiasm of the CyberLab end-users that makes this milestone special.

The Parnassia Group outsources laboratory exams to several laboratories, each with its own LIS, from different suppliers. These systems communicate the lab results to the Parnassia Group’s central CyberLab. CyberLab has been integrated into the group’s central PSYGIS Quarant EPR, and has thus become an important component of the EPR.

Standard HL7 messages and LOINC codes are used for communication between CyberLab and the various LIS. A communication platform from VANAD Enovation is used for exchanging messages.

We have now started work on phase 2 of this e-Lab project, during which we will roll out CyberLab for order entry. Orders will be distributed from the Parnassia Group’s central CyberLab to the various external labs’ LIS.

You can find more information about this project in the customer story