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Financial Management

GLIMS Billing supports all your tariffing and invoicing tasks

Billing needs vary radically from one country to another, and clinical lab billing is usually very regulated. Private clinical labs must deal with invoicing for patients, physicians and insurance companies. Hospital labs, on the other hand, often just send billing information to the hospital information system (HIS), which then handles the invoicing. VAT specifications are also dependent on the country and environment.

All labs, whether private or hospital, in whatever country, need a billing solution with the flexibility and power to address their specific situation. GLIMS Billing has been designed to do exactly that.

GLIMS Billing is built on our GLIMS laboratory information system: the most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe. It has been designed to deal simultaneously with all the different and varying requirements.

This general purpose billing engine sets new standards in flexibility. It supports tariffing, i.e. the actual price and debt calculation, for all the various lab services. It also handles all of the invoicing tasks, which cover everything from generating electronic and paper invoices to following up on payments.

• Support and standardization of tariffing and invoicing tasks
• Designed to deal with the specific needs of country and environment
• Automation of repetitive tasks
• Uniformity and extreme ease of use
• Flexibility and configurability

• Saves time and improves operating quality.
• Helps your laboratory comply with regulations and internal requirements.

Each country has its own lab billing peculiarities. In Germany, for example, Laborgemeinschaften perform routine tests for physicians: these tests are billed directly to the physician. In France, pharmacies are involved in the billing process.