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GLIMS A future-proof solution

The most widely used LIS in Europe

GLIMS is a high-performance laboratory information system (LIS) that allows you to organise and automate all processes exactly as you want them: from order entry and instrument control to results reporting, invoicing and statistics. Thanks to the rich functionality of GLIMS, your laboratory can work more efficiently. You save costs and resources, while offering an enhanced service for requesters and patients – today and tomorrow.

Supports all laboratories and laboratory disciplines

GLIMS can be used in private laboratories, hospital laboratories and university centres for an extremely diverse range of laboratory disciplines:

  • haematology
  • clinical chemistry
  • serology
  • immunology
  • toxicology
  • microbiology
  • bacteriology
  • epidemiology
  • virology
  • blood transfusions
  • genetics
  • clinical studies

Streamline all your laboratory activities

With GLIMS, you can perform all laboratory activities more efficiently:

  • GLIMS automates repetitive tasks: data entry, reporting, invoicing, billing and follow-up of payments, and more – and reduces manual interventions to a minimum.
  • GLIMS centralises control of all Total Lab Automation (TLA) instruments, robotic lines and installations.
  • GLIMS is extremely flexible: workflows to suit your laboratory activities, user configurable screens as desired at department or user role level, and personalised reports for each doctor.
  • GLIMS not only supports the analysis of individual samples, but also sample pooling, such as for COVID-19 testing.
  • Fully compliant with all current laws and regulations: data protection, patient privacy, quality, pricing, invoicing, VAT, etc.
  • With advanced track & trace, you always know who performed what action on which sample or subsample, and where the sample is right now in the workflow. This helps ensure quality and patient safety throughout your laboratory.
  • GLIMS is easy to use, with minimal training needed to get started.
  • GLIMS is multilingual, allowing you to use different languages within a single database.
  • You can easily extend your LIS installation to other laboratories and hospitals – in the event of a merger or close cooperation, for example.
  • The application is cloud-ready and future-proof, evolving with the needs of modern laboratories. Ongoing updates ensure that even the most advanced laboratories always have all the functionality they need.

Seamless communication with laboratory instruments and other information systems
GLIMS works perfectly with all the instruments in your laboratory, as well as with robotic lines and TLA systems. It supports all common international standards, such as IHE, enabling GLIMS to exchange data with third-party software applications easily and efficiently.

laptop in laboratory and other hand holding test tube with blood sample

Our solutions are designed to interoperate

The importance of being able to get different healthcare systems talking to each other cannot be overstated. That’s why all our individual products are designed to interoperate fully with our full software suite as well as with external systems. 

Powerful tools and features

  • Business intelligence: With the handy wizard, you can create statistics and dashboards on your laboratory’s productivity, quality and financial performance in the blink of an eye. Use this insight to fine-tune and optimise your processes as needed.  
  • Customised reports: You can customise reports based on a wide range of selection and classification criteria, then export them to other applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or a web browser.
  • Interactive dashboard: An interactive dashboard allows you to quickly and easily visualize and monitor your business activities and KPIs in real time. The module is easy to use: any user can create and customise a dashboard according to his needs, in an intuitive way.
  • Invoicing and pricing: The GLIMS billing module is designed to comply with all applicable regulations, as well as the specific billing requirements of your private or hospital laboratory. It manages pricing for all the services your lab provides, generates electronic or paper invoices, and helps you track payments.
  • Stock management: GLIMS manages your stock down to the smallest detail. You can define stock requirements even on the level of an individual workstation, while ensuring static and dynamic inventories to meet your seasonal needs. Monitor stock movements and statuses in real time, and receive notifications when items reach their expiry date.
  • Universal data archive: The GLIMS archive lets you process any XML document. Easily track all your documents and display them in a clear, configurable HTML layout or in your GLIMS LIS.
  • Data protection and privacy: Patient data are by definition sensitive. Securing and protecting them from unauthorised access requires the utmost care. GLIMS leaves nothing to chance and helps you comply with applicable privacy policies and GDPR.
  • Quality first: GLIMS helps you monitor quality in your laboratory. The solution supports standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure data validity and traceability. Advanced track & trace for all objects and samples is based on barcodes and logging of all operations. Along with other features, such as the management of non-conformities and the registration of consults, this supports your quality management system and ISO 15189 compliance, and also helps improve patient safety.

Discover how you can efficiently streamline all your laboratory activities with GLIMS:


GLIMS in figures



use our LIS System GLIMS in 17 different countries


Language versions

make GLIMS available for use in different countries



with national guidelines, standards and legislation

The GLIMS project has been completed on time and under budget. This is exceptional, considering the size and complexity of the project.

Christophe Vandenabeele, director of the laboratory, AZ Alma hospital, Eeklo, Belgium

Frequently asked questions

Does GLIMS support all laboratory disciplines?

Yes, with GLIMS you have one central platform supporting all disciplines:

  • haematology
  • clinical chemistry
  • serology
  • immunology
  • toxicology
  • microbiology
  • bacteriology
  • epidemiology
  • virology
  • blood transfusions
  • genetics
  • clinical studies

There is one exception: GLIMS does not support pathology laboratories. Tailored to the needs of these labs, we offer our dedicated DaVinci LinkSolution.

How does GLIMS help you comply with ISO 15189 and other guidelines?
  • GLIMS supports standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure data validity and traceability.
  • Advanced track & trace for all items and samples is based on barcodes, logging of all operations and non-conformity/incident management. This and other features support your quality management system, GLP accreditation and ISO 15189 compliance.
  • The rights to view data, to be forgotten and to data portability can be invoked at the push of a button, ensuring compliance with applicable privacy policies and EU law (GDPR).
Can GLIMS easily be integrated with third-party software applications?

Yes. GLIMS supports all common international standards: HL7, FHIR, HPRIM, LDT, ASTM and Edifact. This ensures seamless communication with hospital information systems (HIS), patient records, GP packages, insurance systems, accounting solutions and more.  

Case study: AZ Alma hospital, Belgium

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