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Enhance patient care withCyberLab

Streamline communications between healthcare providers and laboratories with CyberLab

Request laboratory tests for your patients and receive fast, reliable results with CyberLab software. CyberLab is a customisable, intelligent order entry and result consultation solution, helping you provide high quality patient care.

Clear, fast and correct communication between care providers and laboratories is key in enabling high-quality patient care. From order entry, through sample collection, to result consultation, CyberLab keeps you connected – anytime, anywhere.

With CyberLab, you can ensure internal and external care providers have secure and easy access to lab services and results. No matter how large or small your practice, hospital or network, or how your workflows are organised, CyberLab helps you enhance patient care by increasing speed, productivity and accuracy.

Smooth integration for fast, efficient workflow

The CliniSys | MIPS portfolio includes solutions that support the entire workflow for all lab specialties, from order entry to result consultation – and everything in between.

When using CyberLab with the GLIMS or DaVinci LIS, data registered in one system is available in real time in the other, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.

CyberLab can also exchange information with any other laboratory information system (LIS), hospital information system (HIS), and even different systems simultaneously, based on international standards such as HL7 and HPRIM.

Embedded in an EHR or GP information system, CyberLab provides a seamless experience – the user may not even realize they are working with another application.

Easy Order Entry

CyberLab offers easy, error-free order entry thanks to intelligent and secure guidance during order entry and other state-of-the-art features, including:

Auto-prompt for required information
Specialty-specific test panels
Sample label and barcode printing
Order follow-up

Flexible and feature-rich Result Consultation

CyberLab’s web-based result consultation module gives physicians real-time access to complete lab reports
right in their EPR or GP system.

Dynamic, interactive screen layout
Cumulative display of results
Printer-friendly reports in PDF format
New, urgent and abnormal results are flagged

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Rely on CyberLab for Order Entry and Result Consultation



Across Europe use CyberLab to support patient care



With GDPR and other European and local privacy requirements

Key features

  • Requesting laboratory exams, made to order: CyberLab’s web-based, customisable order entry module allows referring physicians to order laboratory exams, right from their electronic patient record (EPR) or general practice management system.
  • Increased efficiency for the laboratory: Intelligent request guidance reduces time, cost and risk of errors for the laboratory. You can configure multiple rules such as restricting certain user profiles to request specific tests or creating multiple orders at once, to maximise efficiency.
  • Flexible sample collection workflows: CyberLab matches whichever phlebotomy workflow you use. Available on mobile devices, the phlebotomy module supports pre-barcoded tubes and labels with different barcode formats, eliminating the need to relabel samples.
  • Realtime results, supporting informed medical decision-making: real-time access to complete lab reports within your EPR or third-party GP system. Flexible features allow you to define how to view results from any lab specialty.
  • Safe, secure and traceable data: CyberLab enables you to comply with privacy guidelines, such as GDPR, as well as supporting advanced login systems and role-based authentication.

Discover the full range of features and how CyberLab can be configured to suit your needs:

Meeting security and privacy requirements

Keeping data safe, secure and traceable is a priority for every healthcare organisation. In today’s networks, and with ever-stricter regulations, the security of transmitting and handling medical data takes on a new urgency.

Our team continuously monitors the evolution of local and international regulations to keep CyberLab in line with requirements.

  • All user actions are logged.
  • Active directory role-based authentication and authorisation provide secure login.
  • Client certificates support advanced login systems, such as card solutions.
  • OWASP-compliant, CyberLab is regularly submitted to internal and external security audits and adapted accordingly.
  • CyberLab’s rich functionality enables you to comply with privacy guidelines, such as GDPR.

Feature-rich result consultation

Icons draw attention to new, urgent or abnormal results, ensuring important information does not get missed.

A history graph, simultaneously showing a patient’s results from up to 200 orders, provides a rich, cumulative perspective. The dynamic user interface can also present reports from external systems, enabling physicians to compare results, even from other labs. Linking these results to external literature and manuals further enhances their value.

This increased efficiency and depth improves disease surveillance as well as the ability to handle time-sensitive and high-volume diseases.

Why choose CyberLab?

Since implementing CyberLab, pre-analysis errors have dropped by 50%. But that’s not all, we have also seen improvements in lab efficiency.

Dr. Suzy van Erum, Laboratory Department Head, AZ Sint Jan AV, Ostend, Belgium

Case study: Isala Hospital, Zwolle, Netherlands

CyberLab FAQs

Is CyberLab’s result consultation suited for microbiology?

Yes. CyberLab’s dedicated, structured display for microbiology results includes a clear overview of the detected isolates along with an antibiogram summary.  

My hospital is using both GLIMS and CyberLab. When submitting an order, can I then check which other orders are pending and avoid duplicate exams?

Yes. When using CyberLab with the GLIMS LIS, data registered in one system is available in real time in the other. With the direct interaction between CyberLab and GLIMS, you can see not only the orders that are planned for your patient, but also the unplanned orders. But there is more: when you select the correct request and activate it in GLIMS, GLIMS calculates what samples the laboratory needs and provides this information to CyberLab, giving you the exact information on the samples that you need to take. CyberLab reports who took which sample and when to GLIMS, enabling sample traceability in accordance with ISO 15189. With the precise sample collection time available in both CyberLab and GLIMS, you can even check whether a sample is still stable for you to order additional tests without taking new samples.

Does CyberLab help me to comply with patient privacy guidelines?

Yes. CyberLab’s rich functionality enables you to comply with privacy guidelines, such as GDPR. A dedicated MIPS team continuously monitors the evolution of local and international regulations to keep CyberLab in line with requirements.

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