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Meet our
partner network

We work with a trusted global network of partners and distributors to help develop and deliver our market-leading software solutions. 

Our partners

Siemens Healthineers

Our successful partnership with Siemens Healthineers spans more than two decades.


We deploy over 2000 Atellica® middleware systems worldwide supporting Siemens Healthineers instrumentation.


We work in close collaboration with Siemens to deliver Point of Care Testing (PoCT) by building on their PoCT technology.

Our distributors

In addition to our own offices in countries across the UK and Europe, we work with the following distributors.


Assista Laborelectronics GmbH
Döblinger Hauptstraße 95
1190 Wien, Austria

Contact: Siegfried Grundner
[email protected]
+43 1 259 34 44 31


Könyves Kálmán körút 36
H-1097 Budapest

Contact: Timea Szabó
[email protected]
+36 30 341 2821 (Mobile)


Borgartún 37
105 Reykjavík
kt: 530292-2079

Contact: Arna Harðardóttir
[email protected]
Tel.: +354 516 1000

Our technology partners

We work in partnership with market leading technology providers to enhance the reliability, performance and interoperability of our products. These partnerships support our commitment to continuous innovation and future proofing, giving you full confidence that our systems will continue to meet your needs as they develop and change.

Technology partner logos