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30 June 2020 News

MIPS supports GGD laboratories in the fight against the Coronavirus

MIPS supports GGD laboratories in the fight against the Coronavirus

In order to enable a broad national covid-19 screening program, the Dutch government took the decision to launch a central IT platform, the ‘CoronIT platform’. The rapid connection of all GGD’s testing laboratories to this platform was an essential part of the project. In the Netherlands, the MIPS LIS solution ‘GLIMS’ is core to more than 70% of microbiology laboratories and therefore had an important contribution to make to the success of the platform go-live. Today all 12 GGD test laboratories are connected to the CoronIT platform. Further 15 laboratories are to go live in a few weeks.

Testing, testing, testing …
Anyone with relevant symptoms can get tested for covid-19 at a GGD test site. The samples will then be examined in a microbiology laboratory and within 48 hours, the patients receive their test results.
To support the screening process, the GGDs work with the CoronIT platform. The platform exchanges data with the laboratory information systems (LIS) of the labs. MIPS provided the necessary software to allow its GLIMS LIS to communicate with CoronIT: an order link and a reporting link. All connected laboratories can now easily receive electronic orders for covid-19 analyses and send the results back to the GGD’s. The additional laboratories, which carry out analyses when the GGD test laboratories have reached capacity, are now being integrated into this phase.

Dedicated taskforce, services and support
“On April 10th, we were asked to support the launch of the CoronIT platform. A special nimble MIPS taskforce was set up to support rapid implementation. Additionally, an installation manual was developed for our customers to allow them to configure their GLIMS system themselves for exchange of electronic messages with the software of the GGD’s,” says Patrick van den Brinck, Customer Services Manager of MIPS.
“Unique in the MIPS approach is the dedicated virtual consultation hour each Monday and Wednesday, in which all our customers can participate, from the start of the project until completion. This enables customers to not only learn from MIPS, but also from each other.”

Sustainable solution, quickly implemented
“As project leader, I want to emphasize the speed with which everything was executed,” says Laurens Groenewegen, Information Architect, Team information, GGD Amsterdam. “I really like it when the staff of our supplier organization act like true professionals and expertly and the management of their part of the project can be left to them with confidence. MIPS were able to develop excellent project roadmaps and was a great partner to discuss these complex topics with. MIPS’s virtual consultation also proved to be an efficient means of collaboration, in times when face-to-face meetings were not possible.”

“Together with the other parties involved in this project, we have managed to create a sustainable infrastructure. Some of our customers have already indicated that they want to keep our solution, so that they can use it directly in the event of any new outbreaks in the future,” concludes Patrick van den Brinck.

“This project is the culmination of a number of crucial projects in other countries where MIPS is active. MIPS has also delivered in record time, the software for two further national COVID-19 testing platforms,” adds John Lebon, CEO MIPS. “In France we support the SIDEP project, by deploying CyberLab. In Belgium we deploy our GLIMS and CyberLab for a national test platform. We are proud to contribute to success of the health workers who are trying to get this crisis under control. By sharing the experiences within MIPS across the countries, we have succeeded in optimally supporting these 3 national projects, on time and to the satisfaction of the users.”

About: CliniSys Group
For over 30 years CliniSys Group has been at the forefront of diagnostics workflow, order communications and information management solutions supporting radiology, cardiology and all pathology disciplines including anatomical or cellular, molecular and genetics. These encompass the complete workflow from order, clinical decision support, collection, processing, analysis, results and reporting, through integration into the clinical workflow. CliniSys Group has built an unrivalled reputation for the deployment of complex diagnostics networks and academic centres – and is the only vendor repeatably delivering across all disciplines end to end – at scale.
CliniSys Group solutions have been deployed in 10 languages in thousands of laboratories across 23 countries and are used by hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals. Headquartered in the UK, CliniSys Group employs through CliniSys | MIPS (UK) and MIPS (Europe), close to 500 dedicated diagnostics IT professionals.

MIPS provides market leading solutions across Europe.
• Its laboratory information management systems, GLIMS, DaVinci, GestLab, and MIPS vianova Labor support thousands of laboratories, including many of the largest laboratory networks across Europe.
• Its order communications systems CyberLab, and iGestlab, are now also increasingly used by patients to access their own and their family’s test results.

CliniSys | MIPS provides market leading solutions across the UK and Ireland.
• Its laboratory information management system, WinPath, is deployed in nearly 50% of all NHS trusts and now supports 34 pathology networks across the UK.
• Tests for more than 40 million patients are processed on its order communications system, ICE every year, whilst more than one third of NHS acute trusts use ICE for test ordering by hospital wards, and over 70% of the same trusts use ICE for GP order comms.

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