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Advancing Precision Medicine through Molecular & Genetic Testing: The Power of Purpose-Built Laboratory Information Systems

The value of a having a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for molecular and genetic testing – that was the primary topic when thought leaders from CliniSys Group, Sunquest and Data Innovations recently came together to discuss the continued rise in molecular testing and the importance of molecular LIS technology.

What follows is an insightful exploration of the growing need and demand for molecular LIS to support a faster, more reliable and efficient path to precision medicine and research. Through flexible, fit-for-purpose systems designed to accommodate the data and workflow complexities of molecular and genetic testing, laboratories across the globe can provide robust contributions to improving health outcomes through personalized patient care.

This report is just the first in a series – the Lab Pinnacle Series – that will focus on key topics of interest for lab leaders focused on delivering their lab to new heights – or pinnacles – of performance.