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22 April 2020

We would like to thank you for everything you are doing on the front lines of this pandemic. We want you to know that we too are here for you and to reassure you that we will continue to support and deliver in the most productive and helpful way possible. The business continuity plan of the entire CliniSys Group has been put together to ensure that our team will remain available to support you and work with you in a seamless fashion. We have deployed secure, flexible, remote communication and collaboration solutions across our business for the benefit of our employees, customers and partner community to ensure that our customers can continue to receive the very best of service from the largest diagnostic healthcare IT teams across the UK and Europe during this challenging period.

The measures that we have taken include:

  • Mobilising our staff to be able to work securely and remotely thus complying with current government guidance
  • Ensuring our teams are distributed across our facilities and remotely to eliminate risk of having complete departments unavailable to our customers
  • Encouraging our teams to work remotely with our customers, making the most use of technologies such as Microsoft Teams etc.
  • That if you require attendance on-site our staff will perform a risk assessment with you to evaluate their personal risk profile. CliniSys will not insist any of our staff travel but, in the event of an emergency, we will attempt to find alternative solutions.
  • Continuing to work on development of our products, deliver the solutions to you in a timely manner and support your applications in accordance with our agreements with you
  • Work with our data centre hosting providers to ensure their business continuity plans are as robust as our own to ensure continued provision of our services to you

We will continue to heed government advice and where this alters the current situation, as laid out above, will update you as appropriate.

If you would like to discuss our plans or have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to provide you with any further reassurance you and your organisation may require.

Kind regards,

Richard Craven, CEO CliniSys UK and Michael Simpson, Chairman, CliniSys Group