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CliniSys and Software Testing Solutions form innovative partnership to deliver streamlined and automated software testing services to the UK

24 November 2020

CliniSys announces a new partnership with Software Testing Solutions (STS), the leader in automated testing solutions for the clinical laboratory. Through this partnership CliniSys will deliver automated software testing services for CliniSys’ WinPath Enterprise LIMS and ICE solutions that is expected to revolutionize the process of mandatory user acceptance testing (UAT); thus accelerating the go live of CliniSys new system deployments and upgrades and improving the quality and depth of testing.

“With their vast experience in designing proven testing solutions for the clinical laboratory, STS was the natural partner for CliniSys. This partnership will further enrich our already extensive suite of products and services and we are delighted to have the opportunity to offer our customers an innovative approach to streamline and automate user acceptance testing,” comments Simon Hurst, Chief Commercial Officer of CliniSys. “Our customers struggle with limited resources to deliver the essential levels of software testing and this service will deliver significant time savings ensuring that software upgrades and deployment of new modules are simplified and expedited.”

The CliniSys Automated Testing Services will apply STS’ innovative testing architecture and services to discipline-specific test scripts that are tailored to the pathology department’s workflows and testing parameter requirements. This approach represents a fundamental shift from manual testing and documentation creation to an automated testing regime while giving users complete control over the review and approval of testing results.

Key benefits of CliniSys Automated Testing Services:

  • Reduction in time and resource spent on UAT
  • Rigorous and higher quality testing from UAT with less reliance on limited staff resources
  • Delivery of comprehensive UAT testing documentation that meets UKAS requirements
  • Full audit and visibility into the progress and status of testing
  • Quicker adoption of new product releases, software fixes, enhancements ensuring faster regulatory compliance
  • Easy-to-review and approve testing results using online interactive portal

“Pathology software and equipment grow in complexity and feature richness every day. This makes it exciting to use these new features but also more challenging to verify they are working properly. Software issues become more difficult to trap when we rely on human-based, manual testing. We applaud CliniSys for taking this step to apply automated testing services to customer UAT. With over 20 years in automated software testing services for pathology departments, we know that better tested systems will result in better quality patient care,” says Jennifer Lyle, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of STS.