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Print Management

LabPrintMaster: The flexible solution for cassette and slide printing in your pathology lab

Integration can be a real challenge for pathology labs: how do you deal with problems integrating cassette and slide printers? LabPrintMaster takes care of it for you!


  • This highly configurable tool can be used independently, or be integrated into a LIS or hospital network. So you can use it as an intermediary between your slide/cassette printers and your LIS. No more problems integrating printers or configuring the cassette/slide printing just the way you want!
  • LabPrintMaster can act as a temporary LIS until your permanent LIS is fully implemented.
  • LabPrintMaster offers a number of ways to work with it, including touchscreen, barcode scanner and print pre-set combinations.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customised parameterisation to the user’s needs
  • Minimised manual actions
  • Extensive logging/traceability