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Pathology Information Management

LIS DaVinci: Dedicated to pathology

Pathology labs are unique environments that need adapted and dedicated tools. And who knows the workflow better than pathologists themselves? That’s why our LIS DaVinci was designed for pathologists, by pathologists.

LIS DaVinci combines the specialised tools you need for managing techniques, quality control, interconnectivity and telepathology with standardised interfaces and functionality that help you maximise productivity and usability.

And it offers an ergonomic ease-of-use that enhances your anatomical pathology lab’s workflow, while meeting your traceability, automation, accreditation and virtualisation requirements.


LIS DaVinci is the product of years of intensive cooperation between pathologists and IT professionals:

  • LIS DaVinci enhances your lab’s productivity by supporting an optimised workflow, minimising manipulation and administrative work, and improving turnaround time and operational efficiency. It can thus help you achieve significant cost savings. 
  • LIS DaVinci meets the budgets and needs of large and small pathology labs.
  • LIS DaVinci offers simple and transparent interfaces with electronic patient records, billing systems, image management systems, cancer registries etc.
  • LIS DaVinci provides process control, detailed traceability and practical tools for quality management. It is the backbone for implementing a quality management system such as ISO 15189 in your laboratory.
  • LIS DaVinci supports major technical platforms, e.g. of central laboratories, and the exchange of data with multiple healthcare institutions.
  • LIS DaVinci offers a modular architecture:


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Built-in, detailed and full traceability
  • Easy integration of digital pathology into daily workflows
  • Easy networking with automated machines, printers and robots
  • Seamless connectivity and interoperability
  • Supports multi-site cooperation and online consultations