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Financial Management

DaVinci Billing: The autonomous financial management system for your pathology lab

MonaLisa, the complementary billing module from DaVinci, has been replaced by "DaVinci Billing".

The billing process for a pathology laboratory can be complicated: you need to invoice patients, physicians and both public and private insurance companies. It can get even more complex when you operate across several sites.

DaVinci Billing handles all the general financial management tasks of a pathology lab like yours, from generating electronic and paper invoices to following up on payments and sending reminders.

And since it does this within your LIS DaVinci, you get maximum flexibility, with multi-site functionality!


Just as LIS DaVinci handles the operational management of your laboratory, DaVinci Billing handles its financial control:

  • DaVinci Billing has been accredited for FSE by CNDA for the French private pathology laboratory market. 
  • DaVinci Billing is fully integrated in LIS DaVinci: they communicate seamlessly, but do not affect the other’s availability and operations.
  • DaVinci Billing has its own database, separate from LIS DaVinci, to meet the different requirements and regulations (ISO certification) for operational and billing software.
  • DaVinci Billing is highly adaptable to different situations, so you can customise it to optimally address your situation and specific needs.
  • DaVinci Billing offers all the general functionality for billing patients, health insurance companies and healthcare institutions, for following regulations, and for printing and sending care sheets and automatic reminders.
  • With DaVinci Billing, you can do centralised billing with a single software package, reducing operational overhead. It can operate in multi-site facilities and communicate with various operational software packages (including all third-party software certified by the French CNDA).


  • Autonomous, but integrates seamlessly with LIS DaVinci
  • Highly adaptable, thanks to a generic programmable node and flexible HR adapter
  • Designed to operate in multi-site institutions
  • Maximises automation of repetitive tasks
  • Simplifies electronic billing to insurance companies