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Digital Pathology

Make your lab a lab of the future

Digital pathology is key to the laboratory of the future. In classical pathology, the pathologist is “tied” to the microscope, but with digital pathology, the slides are scanned with a high-resolution scanner, and images of the slides are viewable on a screen.

This opens up many opportunities: for pathologists to work remotely, for hospitals to cooperate and share lab services, for colleagues to collaborate on boards and teams and to easily share second opinions…

The digital pathology module of LIS DaVinci manages your digital pathology, turning it into tangible value for you. It controls slide identification and workflow traceability, allows easy track and tracing of slides (even special stains and immunohistochemistry slides) and enables remote access to images – so the pathologist is no longer bound to a microscope. Slides can easily be shared with colleagues or at multidisciplinary consultations, inside or outside the hospital. And you have the support you need for setting up international networks for peer review, second opinions and expert panels.

The result is enhanced flexibility and availability of competence for the pathologists, and greater productivity and cost efficiency for the lab or hospital.

And that means improved service for caregivers and better care for the patient.