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Leonardo Data Sharing Platform

The connected lab: multi-site and multi-source

Pathology laboratories are no longer isolated islands of testing and analysis: these days they may have multiple sites, and need to connect with multiple health facilities.

That means you are facing two key questions: how can you exchange cases and research quickly, and how can you collaborate with colleagues across different sites?

Our Leonardo data sharing cloud platform makes it easy, responding to the challenges of interoperability and interconnectivity for today’s pathology labs.

Using a centralised technical platform, Leonardo links laboratories across an international network for secure information exchange. Patient and caregiver IDs, results and even information for billing of services are shared across sites, while no decryptable information identifying the patient is transmitted.

Leonardo supports both telepathology and hubs that are connected to slide scanners. You can share digitised slides remotely using your LIS DaVInci, with full traceability, communications and editing. Working with subcontractors is easier, too: you can send contracted orders and receive the reports.

With Leonardo, you and your lab are connected!