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GLIMS Microbiology

Seamless support through every step of the microbiology exam

GLIMS comes with a dedicated, seamlessly integrated microbiology module. It offers support for all the different steps which are taken in the course of a microbiology examination (grafting, microscopy, processing, final conclusions).

GLIMS stores antibiotics, micro-organisms and carriers and customizable labels. A dedicated work screen allows the registration of detected organisms, requesting of extra isolation tests, completion of the antibiogram, formulation of the final conclusion and validation of the microbiology examination.


The recent emergence of antibiotics resistance is largely due to the increased use and misuse of antibiotics. Appropriate and prudent use of antibiotics is essential to control and limit the development and spread of resistant organisms. For this purpose the GLIMS epidemiology module is designed to build in your own decisions and advice. It allows you to conditionally hide inappropriate antibiotics on reports and suggest other ones, maximising therapeutic impact and minimising toxicity and the development of resistance.

A built-in surveillance system helps define which strains are more easily transmitted. This enables health care facilities to take extra stringent infection control measures when one of these strains is isolated.

With GLIMS you can not only create a variety of statistical overviews of detected isolates in your hospital, see differences between health care units, detect changes in time with respect to their frequency or to their resistance patterns, but also automatically publish this information on your own Intranet web pages or send this information to a selected set of involved staff members.

• Dedicated microbiology work screen that accurately reflects the lab workflow and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
• Full traceability of cross-infected patients.
• Intelligent selection system when specifying criteria, including the identification of a double or nosocomial infection.
• Customisable reporting  and multiple formats for results: RIS, Agar, E-Test.
• Automatic addition and/or reporting of the use of particular medium plates, diagnostic tests and antibiograms.
• Customised interpretation of antibiogram results.

• Saves time and improves productivity, with smoother workflow from start to finish.
• Fast access to historical data improves determination of conclusions.
• System is easy to learn, so new technicians can quickly use it themselves, leaving lab staff to focus on their own tasks.

Some microbiology results don't vary over a certain period of time. With GLIMS Microbiology, you can block a second request for the same analysis, and send the original, unchanged results to both requestors, saving time and resources.