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GLIMS Genetics – Leading-edge Laboratory Software for Human Genetics

Highest competence for the most sensitive human data

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As an internationally recognized supplier of laboratory information systems, we know all facets ofhandling the most sensitive data. We understand the processes in medical laboratories and provide reliable solutions for the complex tasks of our customers.

Our answer for human genetics is GLIMS Genetics. In “GLIMS Genetics”, we combine the strengths of a mature LIS for the classic laboratory areas with the special requirements in genetics, including the latest methods such as NGS. The development was carried out in close partnership with three international university clinics.

GLIMS Genetics: A software that meets all the requirements of security, availability, transparency, and integrability. Its state-of-the-art technology, multilingualism, and multisite capability back up your investment.

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Your benefits with GLIMS Genetics:

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Integrated, digital workflows for all areas of genetics:
GLIMS Genetics covers the entire genetics spectrum and creates integrated, digital workflows for conventional and molecular cytogenetics, molecular genetics, tumor genetics, array CGH, MLPA, PCR, and DNA sequencing, as well as next-generation sequencing. The close cooperation with international university hospitals and other partners in highly dynamic genetic laboratory environments ensures the ongoing development of GLIMS Genetics.

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Fits seamlessly into your IT landscape and communicates with expert systems worldwide:
As an IHE-certified solution, GLIMS Genetics fits seamlessly into your IT landscape and offers interfaces to all common expert systems (Variant Analysis, Web Database, HPO, HGNC, etc.). GLIMS supports LOINC coding, so you can even exchange data seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

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A dedicated screen for genetic examination:
GLIMS Genetics depicts the entire work process (PCR, Sanger, NGS, FISH, Karyotype, MicroArray, NIPT, etc.), including the creation of pedigrees. Processes and work progress are visualized graphically and clearly in a flowchart and can be seen at a glance. One click takes you to results from preliminary studies, integrated documents, or the pedigree.

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Create and extend workflows – GLIMS Genetics does the work for you:
Preconfigured workflows simplify and accelerate your daily work. With the integrated graphic tool, you can also graphically display, change, and expand the entire workflow yourself. GLIMS’ proprietary MISPL development environment ensures the automation of the entire workflow.

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A fully integrated graphical pedigree:
The pedigree is a fully integrated tool that displays the results and genetic history of the family or selected patient. The intuitive user guidance makes the extension of the family tree quick and easy.

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Fast, comprehensive reporting of findings:
A central genetics-specific diagnosis and validation dialog provides you with all of the order’s information in a clear and concise manner. Thanks to the integrated rich text function and ready-made text modules, you are flexible and can create reports in the shortest possible time. Depending on the constellation of results, the text modules are additionally enriched with order-specific details.


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