Robust and Reliable Product

Product road maps ensure product portfolio remains aligned with the market needs

Each year we invest 20% of revenues in product development which translates to over 100 people across the group dedicated to the enhancement of our product portfolio, development of new laboratory modules and resolution of any software issues.

Over our twenty-five years of working in collaboration with our customers, we have followed an evolutionary approach to product development, delivering low risk upgrade paths and enabling customers to recognise high levels of return on their initial investment.

Product development is both market driven and customer driven:

  • We hold regular user groups in all of our major territories where users feed back on improvements to our product suite and describe additional functionality required to help improve their efficiency and effectiveness;
  • New customers drive new functionality and new methods of deployment and support;
  • Our product managers attend regular conferences worldwide gathering market intelligence and market feedback;
  • Our deployment personnel suggest new ideas for the products based on information gained from customers as they deploy new systems and based on their own experiences in the field; 
  • Our support teams feed in improvements based on commonly raised issues and suggestions made during customer support calls.

All of our customers have full visibility of our product road maps which detail what functionality will be made available in which release and when that release will be available.  

New products, modules and major enhancements are developed in collaboration with pilot customers and proven in beta test sites before being put on general release.   Customers have easy access to new releases through our website and only require MIPS support for major structural releases.