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GLIMS Genetics – Leading-edge Laboratory Software for Human Genetics

Highest competence for the most sensitive human data

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“With GLIMS and CyberLab, we have achieved a quick and reliable circuit of alert notifications"

Dr. Plata Rosales, Microbiology Laboratory, Hospital Infanta Margarita de Cabra, Córdoba

With 25 years experience, we’re here for you today and tomorrow.

Put our knowledge to work for you, to overcome your clinical laboratory challenges.

Find out how our solutions can help your lab cut costs, save time and operate more efficiently.

Our very wide selection of modules offers you maximum functionality.

Work with the software specialist.

Software solutions expertly developed to streamline lab work processes and improve efficiency.

Discover MIPS and what we are doing for our customers

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You can rely on the specialist

Local knowledge, global solutions
Since 2000, MIPS solutions have been sold in Spain, to laboratories and healthcare facilities alike. Our GLIMS lab information management system, the heart of our portfolio, and CyberLab, our web-based laboratory order entry and results consultation system, have been successfully implemented in private and public hospitals and laboratories around the country.

With more than 30 years of experience in countries across Europe, we have built a track record based on our local presence and understanding of our customers and their customers, as well as on our global, proven solutions and reach.

The software specialist
Laboratories' needs are increasingly complex. Software that streamlines work processes and improves efficiency should not be an add-on or an after-thought. You want to work with the specialist. At MIPS, all of our focus is on laboratory IT solutions. Our solutions have been developed to solve the specific challenges laboratories face.

Solutions that help laboratories save costs and react quickly
GLIMS and CyberLab meet the needs of laboratories, hospitals and foundations for maximum functionality, with a wide selection of modules that cover everything from billing and financial management, to administration, to stock management, to instrument management, to archiving, and beyond.

The result is a solution that can help cut costs, save time and operate more efficiently. And our solutions have the flexibility to change as your needs change, so you can react quickly to the requirements of your customers!

Facts and figures:
•  Over 2,500 laboratories using our software
•  350 IT healthcare professionals dedicated to the development, deployment and support of our laboratory software
•  30 years successfully deploying laboratory software solutions
•  35 countries using our solutions
•  9 different languages in operational use

The quest for efficiency at the Hospital Infanta Margarita, Córdoba

GLIMS and CyberLab support a microbiology laboratory to improve workflow, speed up delivery and control infection.

Download the case study and read the interview with Dr. Carlos Plata Rosales, Microbiology Laboratory, Hospital Infanta Margarita de Cabra, Córdoba.

Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris: Towards greater sharing of information

GLIMS lab management system provides a pooled, evolutive solution that supports all the specialities of AP-HP's 121 laboratories.

Download this case study and read about the GLIMS deployment at the largest hospital group in Europe.