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Diagnostics intelligence software for life

Your trusted partner

CliniSys Group helps healthcare professionals test, diagnose and treat millions of patients every day, saving or improving quality of life. CliniSys | MIPS is a trusted partner to Hospitals and private healthcare organisations across Europe. We routinely provide reliable, intuitive diagnostics solutions that help you spend more time focusing on patient care.

Our scalable end-to-end solutions cover diagnostics workflow as well as electronic order entry and result consultation. GLIMS, our Laboratory Information System (LIS), is used in more than 1.000 laboratories, by over 25.000 people across 19 countries in 10 different languages, making it Europe’s most widely-used laboratory information system. MIPS vianova Labor is our LIS that impresses with high efficiency, fast transmission of results and standardized workflows. More than 80 customers in two countries trust MIPS vianova Labor and use it to perform over 75 million tests per year. DaVinci, our Laboratory Services LIS is used in more than 50 pathology laboratories in various European countries, as it optimises pathology processes and increases the efficiency in the lab. With our web-based CyberLab modules, used by more than 150 customers in 12 countries, ordering of exams and results reporting are transparent, secure and seamless. 

Enhancing patient care

We are the leading supplier of clinical Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and Order Entry and Result Viewing Software in the UK and Europe.

Our technology covers the full diagnostics cycle, from requesting an investigation, tracking it through diagnosis, and delivering results to clinicians and patients.

We have one of the largest specialist healthcare IT teams across Europe, with approximately half of our 500-strong team based in the UK, and half based across our local offices in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Working with our trusted partners, we serve the whole of Europe.

Working in partnership

Working across multiple healthcare settings and specialties for over 30 years means we understand your needs, from improving quality, safety and efficiency within your own organisation, to working as integrated networks.

Most importantly, we always deliver. Every single purchase of CliniSys | MIPS software has been successfully deployed by our experienced team. This has been achieved through the development of our unique implementation approach which ensures a repeatable process across all diagnostic environments and pathology disciplines at scale. 

Our goal is to help you deliver best quality patient care with intuitive diagnostics solutions that deliver fast, accurate and reliable results.

The Lab Pinnacle Series is Here!

Our solutions

Our LIS and order communications and LIS products integrate seamlessly, providing a reliable, efficient end-to-end solution for the diagnostic journey.

LIS Solutions

A solution that combines complex workflows, flexibility and the cloud? Its name is GLIMS. Looking for cost reduction and straightforward implementation? Then MIPS vianova Labor is the solution you need.


Our latest innovation, GLIMS Genetics, covers the entire genetic spectrum, with a gene panel, variant results management and pedigree management which enables you to digitize your workflows.


Our Anatomical Laboratory Services LIS, DaVinci, was developed by pathologists, for pathologists, and allows to optimise pathology processes, enabling a more efficient and collaborative way of working.


CyberLab is a customisable and intelligent web-based order entry and result consultation system relied upon by thousands of healthcare professionals across primary, community and secondary care.

Why choose CliniSys | MIPS?

We have been deploying our pathology and diagnostic IT solutions for over 35 years and have dedicated local service and development teams based in different regions in Europe.

We take time to fully understand your requirements and translate these to provide the functionality, workflows and configurations you need. No surprise then that MIPS is the only Laboratory Information System (LIS) supplier routinely and successfully deploying and going live across Europe.

By selecting CliniSys | MIPS as your healthcare IT partner, you will have access to the very best of breed and proven solutions covering the entire sample journey, enabling you to employ best practice workflows with improved patient outcomes. Our solutions are continuously updated and aligned with the latest statutory requirements and guidelines.

Your input is an important part of our partnership – all our customers are encouraged to join the local user groups, enabling you to shape together with us the future development roadmaps, helping to ensure our software meets changing needs and remains at the forefront of innovation.

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Customer retention

We’re proud that such a high percentage of customers choose to stay with us on a long term.

Meet our local team

Gerald Koch

Sales Manager Germany and German-speaking Switzerland

Christian Sprott

Customer Services Manager Germany and German-speaking Switzerland

Boris Mebarek

Support Manager Germany and German-speaking Switzerland

“CliniSys | MIPS provided a roadbook, which was very practical to monitor whether all necessary steps had been implemented effectively.”

Tom Spiritus, clinical biologist and project manager GLIMS-project at Laboratory AZ Turnhout and AZ Herentals, Belgium

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CliniSys | MIPS Integration Day

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28 June 2022

European Human Genetics Conference

CliniSys | MIPS is thrilled to be exhibiting at the European Human Genetics Conference which will be held in Vienna, Austria from Saturday June 11 to Tuesday June 14, 2022. This event is an exciting opportunity for us all to learn, collaborate and network…

27 April 2022

Developing integrated solutions for the future