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8 October 2020 News
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MIPS supports GLIMS customers with pooled testing against SARS-CoV-2

The new coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 illness still has the world under its spell. Medical laboratories worldwide geared up their PCR testing capacity the last months to detect the virus. This testing involves many consumables to perform a PCR-test and comes with logistic challenges for all laboratories worldwide to maximize the throughput in the lab with their existing equipment and available reagent and supplies to perform the test.

This is where pooled testing comes into the play. Pooled testing, in which biological specimens from multiple subjects are combined and tested in one single test, can substantially improve the efficiency and turn-around-time of a test. Globally there are many laboratories which have developed techniques to perform these pooled tests, and more specific in the countries where MIPS is active, we see an interest and demand in this pooled testing.

MIPS is supporting our customers in many ways, in their quest to increase PCR-testing capacity, and is a supplier of GLIMS and CyberLab in the Belgian national testing platform and to the French government for the SIDEP project in France.

Our next level of support for our international customer base is that we can provide support of pooled testing in GLIMS. We are supporting many different workflows to implement pooled testing by means of configuration in GLIMS. Our teams have worked out guidelines for our customers how to rapidly implement this.

This confirms the value we bring to our customer base with a product like GLIMS.

If you are thinking to implement pooled testing in your lab, reach out to your MIPS contact to learn how this can be applied in your configuration.