Senior Application Developer 

Job Summary:

  • Member of the WinPath Enterprise Services Team.
  • Development and Support of existing Service applications.
  • Delivering product enhancements and support in accordance within product lifecycle processes against the product roadmap.
  • Working closely with the analysis, testing and technical publications teams within agile development processes to ensure product developments meet the end users requirements.


  • Undertake any reasonable development request when directed to do so by either their direct line manager (team leader), or the head of department (development manager) and execute to the best of his/her ability, working within the companies ISO processes.
  • To highlight to the appropriate level where a development activity requested presents a design compromise of possible future problem not obvious in the current requirement for review and consideration.
  • Consider the operational, deployment and support impacts of any design decision taken, deferring to the appropriate level for guidance when potential questions arise.
  • As part of the development team take an active part in the daily scrum meetings to ensure the team leader/scrum master can manage the development projects with a view to reporting progress to the PMO for reporting against the product programme plan.
  • Participate in the monthly development team meetings (part of the company communications policy) to ensure end to end communication or information is maintained throughout the company.
  • To be familiar with all company processes, with a specific focus on those where that individual has direct responsibility:
  • Assist the testing team in their endeavours when questions arise, undertaking rework activities when directed to do so by the development team leader.
  • Assist the support team in their endeavours when questions arise, but only undertaking any support development tasks when directed to by their development team leader.

Required knowledge, skills, abilities:

  • Committed highly motivated individual capable of working in isolation or as a team.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to recognise your audience's technical understanding and level and adapt accordingly.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, with the confidence make and stand by decisions.

Technical Skills:

  • IDE
    • Visual Studio 2010
    • Team Foundation Server
  • Languages
    • C#
    • XML / XSD
    • JavaScript / jQuery / Ajax / JSON
    • HTML / CSS
  • Database
    • ANSI SQL / PLSQL on ORACLE 11g
  • Frameworks
    •  .Net 4 Framework
    • Spring .Net
    • MVC
    • WCF
    • nHibernate or equivalent ORM
  • Testing Frameworks
    • Microsoft Testing Framework / nUnit or equivalent
  • Application Server
    • IIS
  • Additional Skills / Knowledge
    • LINQ
    • Rhino Mocks