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Scan Automation Module (SAM)

Trace your processes, across your lab

Tracking and documenting your pathology lab's processes takes a lot of time and effort, and can become very complicated. But with the Scan Automation Module (SAM), tracking is as easy as scanning a barcode. In fact, that’s about all you have to do!

Any equipment in your lab - from systems for inclusion, coating or staining, to slide mounts and microtomes - can be fitted with a (wired or wireless) barcode reader connected to LIS DaVinci. And every object used in the lab can be labelled with a barcode: documents, cassettes, slides, vials, micro-cuvettes, blocks of paraffin, …

Scan your LIS DaVinci staff badge at any workstation to log in, then scan the object’s barcode. DaVinci automatically triggers the relevant actions, such as printing of new HE or preconfigured slides. And everything is automatically traced. You get a detailed mapping of the business processes with turnaround times, and detailed traceability of Who, When, What & Where.

All without losing time or risking human error.