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Reception Client Module (RCM)

3 clicks to preliminary registration!

Install the Reception Client Module (RCM) barcode scanner on a convenient workstation outside your lab – such as an operating theatre or collection site – and it’s just 3 clicks to remotely register samples destined for your lab:

  • Click 1: the user identifies himself by simply scanning his badge.
  • Click 2: the user identifies the sample by simply scanning its barcode.
  • Click 3: the user indicates any additional delivery information (such as number of vials, type of sample, fixation, etc.).

That’s it! The preliminary registration is complete and the information automatically sent to your LIS DaVInci, before the samples even arrive at your lab. But you can already start planning delivery timelines and variable interval schedules.

And RCM allows traceability outside your lab, with tracking of samples prior to their registration within your department.

Your staff and clients are empowered, and your lab runs more smoothly than ever!