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59 French sites, comprising over 6,800 users, are supported by our solutions.

Functional and flexible solutions, responsive and reliable service: it adds up!

Europe's leading supplier of clinical laboratory information systems.

Safe, cost-effective, responsive.

"GLIMS perfectly responded to the needs of the laboratories for information sharing and openness."

Professor Eric Lepage, Director of the Patient Information System Competence and Service Centre, AP-HP, Paris

“Introducing CyberLab was a big relief … It is a powerful and user-friendly tool, used a lot by all the hospital departments.”

Florent Ribardière, Hospital Engineer for the laboratory applications & robotics, CHU of Poitiers

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Multi-site, multi-disciplinary solutions proven in more than 35% of France’s CHU laboratories.

For over 30 years, MIPS has been provinding solutions to laboratories and healthcare facilities in countries across Europe. Today, 59 French hospitals (CHU and CH), comprising over 6,800 laboratory users, are supported by our solutions.

Our laboratory information management systems meet the needs of both hospitals and private laboratories for maximum functionality. From the most complex to the simplest workflow: MIPS solutions can play a significant role in streamlining work processes, and help laboratories cut costs, save time and operate more efficiently.

Global facts and figures:

  • Over 2,500 laboratories using our software
  • 350 healthcare IT professionals dedicated to the development, deployment and support of our laboratory software
  • 30 years successfully deploying laboratory software solutions
  • 35 countries using our solutions
  • 9 different languages in operational use

GLIMS: The most widely used LIS in Europe

Our proven, international laboratory information system (LIS) for public and private laboratories offers a single, modern platform with advanced functionality. GLIMS is the heart of our portfolio and the most widely used LIS in Europe.

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Pathology portfolio: Developed by pathologists for pathologists

With DaVinci you get a dedicated laboratory management solution that focuses on the needs of modern pathology labs.

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Towards greater sharing of information

GLIMS laboratory management system provides a pooled, evolutive solution that supports all the specialities of AP-HP's 121 laboratories.

Download the case study and read the interview with Professor Eric Lepage, Director of the Patient Information System Competence and Service Centre (CCS), AP-HP, Paris.

A complete and bidirectional chain

With CyberLab, doctors can order exams and consult the results online, directly from their department.

Download the case study and read about the experiences of CHU de Poitiers.